Food Plant of the Future: Running on The Internet of Things

Wed. April 5| 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM | Lakeside Center | E258 ProFood Tech

Not so long ago, it was hard to imagine that the internet could be useful for much of anything except sending email. But today, a car can drive itself, an app can automatically adjust a thermostat thousands of miles away and a refrigerator can tell a grocer when it's time to deliver more milk. Machines can now communicate with each other because any object with an on/off switch can be connected and controlled through the internet. This virtual connectivity is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Given the increasing automation in food and beverage production, the IoT is already taking hold throughout the industry. We'll explore the benefits of an IoT world, including improved food safety, better inventory management and stricter accountability. Through food processing case studies, we will understand the challenges facing food companies and how the onset of technology in food manufacturing is providing valuable visibility and insights that help processors grow and protect their brands.

Type: ProFood Tech Conference Program

Track: Food Processing and Technology


Joe Curran Technical Support Manager, Ecolab | Role: Speaker
Dave Garza Director, Global Information Security, Ecolab | Role: Speaker

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Case Study