Using Data to Harness the Power of Superconsumers

Tue. April 4| 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM | Lakeside Center | E352 ProFood Tech

Whether they favor American Girl, Apple or Nike, "superconsumers" are everywhere. They are passionate and highly engaged &mdash and maybe even a little obsessive &mdash about a category or brand, and they pursue their passions with fervor. Armed with extensive research; case studies; and testimonials from senior executives from Anheuser-Busch, Keurig, Sony, Netflix and Nielsen, Eddie Yoon shines a light on this lovable, unique and utterly fascinating group of people, revealing what makes them tick, how they plug into big data and how they can convert other consumers to the benefit of businesses of all kinds. Eddie, author of "Superconsumers," will offer a practical guide for those looking to use readily available data to identify their own superconsumers. Attendees will learn how to use this newfound knowledge to transform ordinary consumers into more profitable superconsumers, maximize big data, drive cross-functional alignment and unleash the full potential of their organization and culture.

Type: ProFood Tech Conference Program

Track: Business and Leadership Development

Presentation(s): Using Data to Harness the Power of Superconsumers


Eddie Yoon Principal, The Cambridge Group | Role: Speaker

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Master Series