Explore the Frontier of the Digital Food Industry

Wed. April 5| 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM | Lakeside Center | E350 ProFood Tech

Explore the automated plants of the future with Tetra Pak, a global leader in food processing and packaging. See Tetra Pak's vision of a food industry transformed by three big disruptive tendencies: automation, to drive reliability, repeatability, efficiency, cost reduction and food safety; digital integration of the value chain, from farm to consumer, through the sharing of information to achieve savings; and digital consumer interaction systems that enable better understanding of consumer habits and allow interaction, which reinforces brand reputation and loyalty. Want to know more? Of course you do. Join us!

Type: ProFood Tech Conference Program

Track: Food Processing and Technology


Andrei Soroka Global Commercial Director, Plant Automation and Information Solutions, Tetra Pak | Role: Speaker

Learning Format

Tech Talk